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We accept biddings starting from €49.500

How is the domain transfer arranged?

We sell the domains via a trusted third party like for your protection and ours.

Do you accept a payment plan?

Yes, we accept a 2 to 24 month instalment plan.

  • 2–12 months = no markup added
  • 13–24 months = 10% markup

This is called a ‘Lease to own model’ which makes this premium domain instantly affordable to a much broader range of potential end-users. The Escrow company holds the domain until the complete payment is transferred. After the initial payment the buyer can use the domain instantly for it’s own use.

  • 12 months = buyer pays €4.125 per month
  • 24 months = 10% markup, buyer pays €2.268,75 per month
Do you accept offers for less than €49.500?

No, bidding starts at €49.500 for

Do you want to contact us?

Feel free to reach out.